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NEWS: Three Killed in French Terror Attack. March 23rd 2018

Date of Occurrence: March 23rd 2018
Location: Trebes
Event: Terrorist Attack
Fatalities: 3 (and the attacker)
Injuries/Displaced: At least 16


Three people have been killed and an other 16 injured in a terror attack in the south of France. The attack started in the city of Carcassone when the first victim was murdered in a car jacking. The assailant then fired at a group of police officers seriously injuring one, before driving to the near by town of Trebes and taking hostages in a grocery store. In the grocery store he announced his allegiance to the Islamic State and killed two hostages.  This prompted a raid by French police resulting in the death of the attacker.




NEWS: Austin Bomber Killed in Blast

Date of Occurrence: March 21st 2018
Location: Round Rock Texas
Event: Bomber Killed
Fatalities: One
Injuries/Displaced: One


The suspect believed to be behind the six Austin bombing has died after a bomb detonated in a shoot off with Austin police and federal authorities. Police managed to track him down after he was captured on CC TV at a Fedex shipping centre. The suspect was tracked to the parking lot of a hotel in Round Rock tx. After a short car chase the suspect detonated a bomb killing himself and injuring one officer.

At this time the motives of the suspect remain unclear but authorities have dismissed links to terrorist groups or political motivations and believe the suspect worked alone.  At this time they do not believe there are any more bombs unaccounted for.




NEWS: 31 Dead in Kabul Suicide Bombing. March 21st 2018

Date of Occurrence: March 21st 2018
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
Event: Suicide Bombing
Fatalities: 31
Injuries/Displaced: unknown at this time


A suicide bomber has killed at least 31 people. The bomber targeted a group of people celebrating Persian New Years outside the Sakhi shrine. The shrine is considered one of the holiest places in Afghanistan but is especially venerated by Afghanistan’s Shiite minority. The shrine has been targeted twice before, in both 2016 and 2011. The victims of today’s attack appear to be mostly Sunni.

A group affiliated with the Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attack.