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NEWS: Three Hospitals Destroyed in Syrian Bombings June 27th 2018

Date of Occurrence: 27th June 2018
Location: Deraa
Event: Hospital bombing
Fatalities: 75
Injuries/Displaced: 45,000

Three hospitals have been destroyed in the Syrian city of Deraa. The strikes carried out by the Syrian and Russian militaries have killed at least 75 combatants, killed an unknown number of civilians and displaced at least 50,000.

While the the Syrians and Russians maintain that the hospitals where accidental targets the UN has accused them of intentionally targeting health centres.




NEWS: Suicide Bombing at Afghan Ministry Kills 13

Date of Occurrence: May 11th 2018
Location: Kabul
Event: Suicide Bombing
Fatalities: 13
Injuries/Displaced: 30

At least thirteen people have been killed and 30 more wounded when a suicide bomb detonated outside of the Afghan Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development today.  Casualties appear to be mostly women and children unconnected to the government as the ministry had closed by the time of the bombing. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.






NEWS: Plane Crash Lands in Melbourne June 8th 2018

Date of Occurrence: 8th of June 2018
Location: Melbourne
Event: Plane Crash
Fatalities: One
Injuries/Displaced: None

A pilot has been killed after his plane crash landed in a suburb of Melbourne. The plane crashed about 1km from a small airfield where the pilot had aimed to land. Authorities believe only the pilot was on board and he appears to be the only casualty of the crash though the road and some power lines were damaged.  The Australian Transport Safety Bureau have opened an investigation into the cause of the crash.