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2019 Protective Knowledge: Protection in High Threat Environments Demonstration Course Announcement

Stone Security Engineering is pleased to announce our latest, and most exciting, protective design short-course.  Developed for attendees from all backgrounds and disciplines who work in, or protect, people in high threat environments, this course is intended to provide practical information and solutions to the complex challenge of protection.

The course will be 3-days long and will take place during the week of June 10 (we are finalizing course logistics now) in Bend Oregon, at Stone-OBL’s blast test facility.  The class will include a unique combination of classroom instruction and live demonstrations of blast, ballistics, and forced entry effects.

Instruction will include discussion of different threat types (blast, ballistics, forced entry, vehicle ramming), how they affect people and structures, and how to defend against them.

  • The classroom portion will address the relative levels of protection pjovided by standard construction, the types of retrofits which can improve protection, and the process of providing protection.
  • The demonstrations will include
    • blast tests of typical building materials,
    • ballistics and forced entry effects on typical and specially designed materials

For more information, subscribe and check the latest details posted at  Registration will open December 1st 2018.

We look forward to seeing you in Bend!

If you have any questions, please email or call us at

+1 646-649-3169


Blast testing of military grade PAXCON by LINE-X performed at Stone-OBL’s open-arena facility proves durability against real-world terror attacks


PAXCON is a military grade polyurea coating designed to provide protection from the effects of high powered explosions by maintaining structural integrity and reducing the effects of flying debris. Testing was recently performed at the Stone-OBL open arena facility, designed and planned by Stone Security Engineering. The test compared the effects of an open-air high powered blast with ammonium nitrate and fuel oil (ANFO) equivalent to a car bomb explosion on uncoated and PAXCON-coated unreinforced cinderblock walls.

The uncoated wall was completely destroyed and became a flying debris hazard and while the PAXCON-coated wall showed effects of the blast, the interior and exterior coating layers remained structurally intact, contained all masonry debris, and suffered almost no effects of fragmentation.



Uncoated Wall





Coated Wall




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What Perimeter Barriers are Right For You: First Questions To Ask

Perimeter barriers – whether they be crash rated or not – are an important part of many of the projects we all work with on a day-to-day basis.

The following is a quick exercise that you can use to start your mind, and the project team, working in the proper direction.

Imagine that you have not yet put pencil to paper and you are just starting to think about what types of perimeter protection your site might need. Click here for some (but not all) questions you should ask yourselves. Many of the answers to the questions below will be provided by the project brief, but you must still know the answer to start the perimeter design.